Tulane University New Orleans: PhD position in seismology and active tectonics

The Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Tulane University in New Orleans seeks students with keen interests in seismology and active tectonics to join our vibrant team studying active deformation and magmatism. Research assistantship and teaching assistantship positions are available with start dates as early as January 2019. New students will be part of a US-UK-Kenya-Ethiopia research team exploring the structure and dynamics of rifting in East Africa using seismic and geodetic data, and numerical modelling using the Tulane high performance computing center.  The new project includes field work opportunities in Africa.  PhD students are preferred, but MS applicants are encouraged to apply. Prior research and computer programming experience are viewed highly. For more information, please contact Prof Cindy Ebinger (cebinger@tulane.edu; http://ebinger.wp.tulane.edu/) .


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17 oktober 2018