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Lecture by Rick Verberne

januari 16 @ 17:00 - 19:00

The geochemical analysis of accessory phase minerals (e.g. zircon, rutile, and monazite) provides information on the nature and timing of geological events. For instance, the U-Th-Pb decay system is routinely used in geochronological studies. Fundamental to this application is the closed system behavior at the scale of the analysis. Advances in analytical instrumentation has allowed us to analysis ever smaller volumes. However, these analyses are sensitive to the effect of short range trace elements migration which can lead to erroneous results. Nanoscale characterization of these minerals can provide valuable new information on the history and mechanisms of element mobility. The recent introduction of laser-assisted atom probe tomography (APT) has opened the possibility for the analysis of non-conductive (geological) materials. APT allows 3D nanoscale characterization of trace element compositions with isotopic sensitivity. In this presentation APT and its applications will be explained in more detail, followed by several examples using recent work on rutile (TiO2)


januari 16
17:00 - 19:00