What is it?

The Study Active Certificate (SAC) is a unique certificate, which is granted to students that have proven to be actively involved with activities outside of the regular curriculum. A score system is kept to quantify how active students are regarding extracurricular activities within the university. These activities include participation in committees, attending symposia, lectures and company presentations. The score system keeps track of so-called ‘SAC-points’, not to be confused with regular study credits (ECTS). Not all extracurricular activities give SAC points. Which activities do give SAC points are found below. If unsure, contact the Assessor Tertius ( The Tertius will also be the one to keep track of the SAC score system.

Why does it exist?

The SAC is meant for students that have proven to do more but just studying. This gives an advantage during job interviews. Nowadays, more and more people possess a university degree. The SAC is a way to stand out. The student receives the SAC, signed by the university, after they have graduated from the Bachelor’s or Master’s program. This way, each student can qualify for a SAC, even if they attend a Master’s program outside of Earth Sciences.

What activities give SAC points?

The certificate is split into three different extracurricular activities: committees, study related activities and career-oriented activities. To qualify for the certificate, the student must have collected at least 6 points in the ‘committees’ category, 10 points in the ‘study related activities’ category and 10 points in the ‘career-oriented activities’ category. You can also get SAC points for lectures, excursions, symposia etc. organized by other organizations. To make these activities count, you can provide evidence of participation to the Assessor Tertius. The certificate will be granted to the student if they have reached the minimum amount of 26 points.

1| Committees

Committees and councilsPoints per year  
Introduction Committee4
Lustrum Committee4
FCE Committee4
Dies Committee2
WiekEx Committee2
Almanak Committee3
Other Committees1
U.A.V. board8
S.C.U. board4
Faculty board4
Faculty council3
Study board3
Study council2
Council of advice2
Sub-society board1

2) Study related activities

ActivityPoints per Activity 
Symposia3 (halve dag = 2)
Course related excursion en workshops2
Mentor during Ardennen fieldtrip4

3 | Career-oriented activities

ActivityPoints per Activity
Company presentation1
Company visit and Workshops2
Company speed dating2
Alumni Lecture1