Drift ’66

It all started in 1908, when the Geographical Institute was founded. From this year onwards, geographical education in Utrecht was given. However, geography students didn’t start organizing themselves until 1922. On the 13th of October 1022, the Geography Club Utrecht was founded, which later would become V.U.G.S. This society was founded to broaden the knowledge of geographers and to function as a network for graduates. During the 1950’s and 1960’s, sub-societies started forming within V.U.G.S. New members were installed in one of the sub-societies, which lead to a well-balanced mix between physical and social geographers.

One of the sub-societies was ’11 en 30’, founded on the 28th of October 1949. Coincidentally, the majority of this sub-society was physical geographer, and soon the need to separate themselves from V.U.G.S. rose. This occurred in 1966 and Drift ’66 was founded by Sjef IJzermans, Marjan Uijterwijck and Ed Weiss.

Initially, V.U.G.S. was not pleased with the separation within its members. But it was the 1960’s – change was in the air – and democracy was the magic word. During a General Assembly, Sjef IJzermans convinced V.U.G.S. that a sub-society for physical geographers was desirable.

During the academic year of 1067-1968, Drift ’66 was mentioned in the study guide as official sub-society of V.U.G.S. The main activity during the younger years was drinking sherry, while listening to fieldwork lectures of newly graduated physical geographers. Drift ’66 kept growing, and more members meant more activities. During the 1970’s, Drift ’66 stood apart from V.U.G.S. Other sub-societies disappeared due to numbness of the members. Drift ’66 survived, but only just.

In 1977, the lustrum committee declared that Drift ’66 was in a coma. In 1981, financial problems forced Drift ’66 to merge back with V.U.G.S. as a special sub-society. The following years were prosperous for Drift ’66, and the member count kept growing. In April 1992, reorganization was necessary due to the growing number of members. A larger organization was established called V.U.G.S. 22, with two branches: Drift ’66 and VUGS. Students became member of either Drift ’66 or VUGS, but it was not possible to become member of V.U.G.S. 22.

In 1996, Drift ’66 became an independent society, because the bond between the physical and social geographers was deteriorating and V.U.G.S. 22 was difficult to link to Drift ’66. In 2000, a new challenge for physical geographers arose. The independent study of Physical Geography was discontinued and continued as a major of the new study Earth Sciences. This meant that students could not choose to study physical geography in the first year and that alliance with the U.G.V. was necessary to please the new students.

In 2010, the first sub-society of Drift ’66 was established: Baklava. This sub-society consisted of members that had affinity with cooking and baking. From that moment onwards, Drift ’66 was regularly provided with delicious snacks. A pancake eating competition (the ‘Pancakefest’) was one of the largest activities of Drift ’66.

Per the 1st of September, Drift ’66 merged with U.G.V. to become the U.A.V. During the academic year of 2010-2011, board Omega started getting ready for the merging process. Board SYZYGY took the wheel the following year to finish the merging process. This was the last year of Drift ‘66’s existence, which was celebrated with the ninth lustrum, with a gala in the Dom tower and a reunion, where all members and alumni could chat with Sjef IJzermans. During this year the second sub-society of Drift ’66 was established: the ‘Speleologen’. This sub-society consisted of members that were interested in Role Playing Games and Trading Card Games.

During the General Assembly of the 9th of May 2012, lead by Tim Schuring, Jasper Leuven, Inge Phernambucq, Willem-Bart Barteld, Rick Verberne and Rick Seldenrijk, the merging process was accepted officially. The last year of Drift ‘66’s existence was celebrated with a 66-hour long party in June 2012 and a beautiful trip to the Arctic circle in July 2012.

Honorary members

In the history of the U.A.V., a number of people have been of significant importance for the development of the society. We are proud of those who are appointed the title of honorary members during the years of U.G.V, Drift ’66 and U.A.V.