The U.A.V. exists since 1946 and has a rich history, which is considered highly valuable within the society. The Earth Sciences Student Society Utrecht (U.A.V.) came into existence after the merging of the Geologist Society Utrecht (U.G.V.) and Drift ’66.


Drift ’66 was founded in 1966. On the 28th of October 1949, a sub-society of V.U.G.S. was founded, named ’11 en 30’. Coincidentally, the majority of this sub-society was physical geographer, and soon the need to separate themselves from V.U.G.S. rose. This occurred in 1966 and Drift ’66 was founded by Sjef IJzermans, Marjan Uijterwijck and Ed Weiss.


The Geologist Society Leiden (L.G.V.), founded in 1933, was moved to Utrecht due to national reorganization of the Earth Sciences studies. The L.G.V. joined the already present U.G.V.


In 1996, Drift ’66 separated itself from V.U.G.S. as a sub-society and turned into an independent society.


During the merging assembly in the Senate hall of the Academiegebouw (Academy building) on the 12th of September 2012, the U.A.V. was ceremonially founded as a merged society of Drift ’66 and U.G.V.