U.A.V. Career Month

Februari is the career month.

During this month, loads of career or company related activities will be held. This way the U.A.V. provides you with the chance to expand your network and increase your knowledge about your career prospects.

Sign up for activities at the U.A.V.-room or by sending an email to earthsciencescareer@gmail.com


6th of February
UU sustainability Career event
and Career Month Kickoff

Utrecht University organizes a sustainability career event. An event for students and starters in which the focus lays on sustainability and business. 

You can sign up for this at https://sustainabilitycareerevent.nl/


Following the UU Career Day, there will be drinks to kick-off the Earth Sciences career month at the U.A.V. room starting 17.00 Here, you will have the opportunity to hand in your CV, which will be checked by the career officer. On February 19th they will give general tips and personal feedback on your CV. See our activity below for more information. If you can not join us on this day, make sure you send your CV to earthsciencescareer@gmail.com before Saturday the 8th.

7th of February
Shell Inhouse-day

Curious about what it’s like to work at one of the largest companies in the world? During this in-house day, Rowan van der Waal will provide us with a lab tour through Shell Amsterdam. We will receive a presentation about Shell in general by a high working Executive Officer. After this we will participate in the Energy Transition Game, a combination of debate and case study with as goal trying to find a large scale energy transition solution. Finally we will have dinner with Shell in Amsterdam. 

we will leave from Utrecht central station around 12.00 and will be back in Utrecht after 20.00.

Subscribe either at the U.A.V.-room or by sending an email to primus@uavonline.nl

Master students will have priority for this activity.

10th of February
LinkedIn Workshop

Monday, there will be a training on working with LinkedIn. What is wise to put on your profile? How can you use this platform for finding a job? These are examples of questions that will be discussed during this workshop.  During the workshop, you are able to shoot a professional Linkedin photo! Subscribe by sending an email to earthsciencescareer@gmail.com

The workshop starts at 17.00 in BBG 103

11th of February
Company Presentation Nationaal Water- en BodemTraineeship

Curious on what it’s like to work as a trainee at Nationaal Bodem and WaterTraineeship? During this interactive lunch presentation you will be able to find out what a Traineeship is like. We will work on a case study concerning both traineeships.

The presentation will start at 13.00 in BBG 1.65

13th of February
Company Presentation Tauw

Tauw is is an European consutancy and civil engineering company with a strong focus on environment and the sustainable development of the world we live in. The company is active within the  areas of subject: Water, Industry, spatial quality, monitoring and inspection and consultancy.   The presentation will start at 17.15 in BBG 1.65.

17th of February
Graduated? Now What?

During this event, graduates in the fields of entrepreneurship, PhDs and traineeships/internships will talk about their experiences. This will give you an overview of different future perspectives after you have graduated

Presentations will start at 17:15 in the BBG

Subscribe at the U.A.V.-room or send an email to Earthsciencescareer@gmail.com

18th of February Company Presentation Vitens

Vitens is the largest drinking water company in The Netherlands. We deliver top quality drinking water to 5.6 million people and companies in the provinces Flevoland, Fryslân, Gelderland, Utrecht and Overijssel and some municipalities in Drenthe and Noord-Holland.

Daily questions include: is the water we drink still safe, and how can we keep it safe in the future? What is the impact of human activities on groundwater flows?

the presentation starts at 13.00 in BBG 1.65. Sign up for a free lunch by sending an email to primus@uavonline.nl.

20th of February
CV + job interview training

If you handed in your CV on the career month kick-off the 6th of February, this is the moment for feedback. You will get personal feedback on your CV. Furthermore, there will be a presentation with some recommendations and advice to improve your CV.

An official job recruiter provides us with training on job applications. We will practice with public speaking and presenting yourself so that you are well prepared for your first job interview.

location BBG 1.65

25th of February
U.A.V. Earth Science Career Day

The highlight of the month: the Earth Sciences Career Event. Nine different speakers spread across civil engineering, consultancy, petroleum industries, drinking water, geothermal energy, government, GIS, teaching and meteorology. One thing they all have in common is that just like you, they studied Earth Sciences at Utrecht University. These alumni of the U.A.V. will give presentations about their career paths and work experiences. After their presentations, there will be social drinks with the opportunity to network with the speakers and other people in your field of interest.